Fitness tracker gave the location of the US military bases (PHOTO)

Experts found on the application map Strava military bases of several countries, including the United States.
Movement of soldiers to places of deployment were showed by fitness trackers and mobile devices, writes The Verge.
In the last November, the Strava fitness application, which allows users to track the distance traveled by satellite data, published a map showing the movement of owners from millions of devices.
The network drew attention to the unusual activity in the combat zones, including Afghanistan and Syria. There, at a significant distance from settlements and other places where fitness trackers can be used, users have found cyclic routes, according to which military patrols seem to move.
“Strava has published a global map … It looks nice, but it’s a problem for keeping operations confidential. US bases are easy to identify, “writes Nathan Ruser.
“The American airbase was built in 2016, near the village of Sabit, 35 km south of Kobani, to support the operations of the Democratic forces of Syria against ISIS,” Mr Ghostly said.
“Here are the posts around Mosul (or there are the locals citizenswho run around their houses),” sneers Tobias Schneider.
Users note that US bases are most noticeable on the map. In addition, they note the activity, presumably Turkish military in Syria.
A representative of the Pentagon told that the US military department study the situation and, if necessary, is ready to take additional measures to ensure the security of military personnel at home and abroad.

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