Corruption in Dubai: the dark world behind the brilliant facade

Dubai is the richest city, a paradise for millionaires and a favorite vacation spot for the wealthiest people on Earth. However, when the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed, asserts that there is no place for corruption in the city, he should not be trusted. Corruption is everywhere! Behind the shiny shop windows, supermarkets and parking lots, packed with sports cars, lies the whole world of corruption. And its occurrence is not a secret for those who know Dubai, not only by the front window.
Corruption in Dubai costs a trillion dollars. This amazing figure was called by the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed, in a fit of frankness he admitted that corruption costs the region a trillion dollars. If even the sheikh calls such an astounding figure, it’s terrible even to imagine what is going on in Dubai really!
According to knowledgeable people, no building in Dubai is built without black accounting, bribes of officials, the purchase of illegal materials – or all three violations at once. Construction confidently holds the first place as the most corrupt industry in Dubai. And if you add also the use of illegal slave labor, it becomes clear that it is also the most profitable.
Dubai was built by slave labor. Looking at the brilliant skyscrapers of Dubai, it’s hard to believe that the miracle city was largely built by the slave labor of illegal workers. Meanwhile, it is reality. Hungry and poor workers have ruined their health at construction sites, so that millionaires can enjoy the delightful views from windows of skyscrapers. Everyone who comes to work in the emirate of Dubai must pay up to $ 2,500 for a visa. Meanwhile, workers from poor countries often come to work in Dubai hoping to earn some money. Of course, they can not pay for a visa. Some employers specifically find such disenfranchised people, promise them golden mountains, hire them for work … and do not pay, saying that they deduct the salary for a visa. Not everyone succeeds in working off a duty – many flee from hunger and lack of rights, forgetting about promises that have turned out to be just lies.
Dubai’s laws are intolerant of debtors. If the debtor does not have the means to pay the debt, for this “terrible crime” he will be sentenced to 6 months in prison. And if you try to leave Dubai without paying the debts, for example, to the bank, you will be in prison for an even longer period. And since you can not earn money while sitting in prison, your problems can drag on – if you do not use the corrupt ways to solve them.
Dubai itself is rapidly becoming poorer. Skyscrapers and villas of Dubai are still full of rich people, but behind the gilded facades, there is , another Dubai in poor areas is hiding – gloomy and unfriendly. Over the past two years, according to Sheikh Mohammed, the number of poor in the country has increased by 80%. Of course, this is due to the situation in the Arab world: today 57 million are illiterate, and 30 million live below the poverty line. But, I think, corruption also played a role in this.

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