Pakistan is the next

After Syria, Washington did not abandon its idea of shaking the situation in the Middle East and Asia, and, apparently, the next aggravation is to be expected in Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan. For several weeks, the United States have been shaking the region, accusing Pakistan of all sins.
First, Trump expressed his dissatisfaction with Pakistan on Twitter, accusing Islamabad of “insufficient efforts” to fight terrorist groups and harboring these groups, meaning the Taliban. Sometimes the situation changes so quickly that it is difficult to understand which of the terrorists today is an ally of the United States, and who is a terrorist.
Less than three days after the tweet of Trump, the State Department said that Washington stops financial assistance to Pakistan freezing $ 1.2 billion. However, according to the old and good tradition of Anglo-Saxon diplomacy, the defrosting conditions are written out so that Pakistan can turn inside out while fighting terrorists, but will not get money.
At the moment, the leadership of Pakistan, in the person of Prime Minister Abbasi, is trying to justify himself before yesterday’s ally and partner, but that will not change anything. It remains to hope for the wisdom of the Pakistani leadership that it will not allow Washington to arrange on its own land the hell that Americans arrange wherever they bring their democracy.

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