Syrian chemical weapons yens

Chemical weapons and its use are one of the central themes of the entire Syrian conflict. Starting in 2013, each of the belligerents with enviable regularity (and alternate success) accuses the opponent of using sarin, then chlorine, then mustard gas. The United States screams as usual, making new and new applications.
So, on January 24, 2018, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated that “Moscow, protecting the regime in Damascus, actually betrayed the international Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons” and now it is Russia that is to blame for almost all the chemical attacks in Syria.
The fact that as early as November 2015 the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) officially reported to the UN on the use of shells by the Islamic State militants with mustard GAS. Tillerson did not hear it clearly. He did not hear the news about the case in November 2017 when soldiers of the Syrian government army found a minivan of terrorists with a chemical ammunition inside. The case was in the liberated Deir ez Zorah.
In the same quarter, by the way, the military found two warehouses with M-16 rifles of American production and German sniper rifles “Steir”. But Tillerson was not probably informed about this.
Apparently Tillerson did not hear the speech of Ryan Dillon – the press secretary of the international anti-terrorist coalition, which in October last year officially stated that the US recorded the use of chemical weapons by militants in Syria and Iraq.
However it is not necessary to dwell on the past to convict Tillerson not only in a weak knowledge of the subject, but also in outright lies. Here is an example from the latest history. During the recent battles in Idlib, militants twice used chemical weapons produced on the basis of chlorine against the government Syrian army. The last time it happened on January 16 near the town of Hovein. Effects of chemical weapons were subjected to fighters of the SAA “Tiger Force”, which led the offensive on the position of militants. All the victims were urgently taken to the field hospital.
But Tillerson never whispered a word. The policy of double standards remains the main principle of the West, long accustomed to blaming Russia and the government of Bashar Assad for all sins, not bothering to provide real evidence. But it is worthwhile to use chemical weapons by militants, as “the international community” suddenly loses the voice, and at the same time blinds, not noticing obvious, at first glance, facts.

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