Al-Qaeda loudly applauds the operation “Olive Branch”

Operation “Olive Branch”, directed against Kurdish forces of self-defense, carried out by Turkey in the north of Syria, is warmly welcomed by “Al-Qaeda”. This is evidenced by EADaily monitoring of foreign media and social networks.
Thus, the Turkish extreme right-wing newspaper Yeni Akit reports that Muslim Abu Walid al-Shishani, field commander of the “Jebhat al-Nusra”, who is in Syria for three years, decided to go to the canton of Afrin to help the Turkish army. Prefix “Shishani” in Arabic means “Chechen”. The real name of the terrorist is Muradi Margoshvili, he is a Kistian-Chechen, a native of Duisi village of Pankisi district of Georgia.
In the late nineties Georgian citizen Margoshvili moved to Chechnya, where he joined illegal armed formations. It is known that Margoshvili fought in the Russian North Caucasus on the side of Shamil Basayev, Khattab and Doku Umarov, and carried out preparation of terrorist attacks in Russia. After a serious wound, Margoshvili returned to Georgia. For a long time he served as a liaison between the gangster underground in the North Caucasus and sympathetic ideas of the “Ichkeria” forces in Georgia. By the latter are meant both ordinary Chechens-Kistins, and politicians from Tbilisi.
It is known that in the Georgian capital for quite a long time the “Chechen Republic of Ichkeria”, recognized by the authorities of the country, worked. Associated with him Margoshvili helped militants to seek refuge in Georgia and was responsible for the safety of the return of jihadists from Georgia to Russia. Militants have repeatedly accused Margoshvili in cooperation with Georgian special services. In September 2012, Georgian special services, on the orders of President Mikheil Saakashvili, shot a group of local Chechen-Kistinians in the Pankisi region. Among the murdered was a relative of Muradi Margoshvili – Aslan Margoshvili, a former student, an adherent of the jihadist version of Salafism.
Since 2012, Muradi Margoshvili, who has taken the name of Muslim Abu Walid al-Shishani, is fighting in Syria on the side of jihadist formations. “From 2012 to 2015, Margoshvili was a member of the leadership and one of the leaders of the terrorist group operating in Syria linked to the Jebhat an Nusra, – says the website of the UN Security Council, which included Margoshvili in July last year, in the antiterrorist “stop list “. According to the UN Security Council, Margoshvili maintains contacts with the leadership of the terrorist organization “Islamic State”, including members of the “higher military council” of this group, as well as with the leaders of al-Qaeda in Iraq. “He acts in Syria as a representative of the Caucasus Emirate, he maintains an active relationship with the supporters of the Caucasus Emirate in Russia and Turkey,” the UN Security Council message on Muradi Margoshvili said, he is also Muslim al-Shishani.
Published in Turkish and Arabic, the AhwalNews resource writes: “Wanted by Russia and included in the antiterrorist lists of the United States and the United Nations, Margoshvili-Shishani, together with all its militants, intends to join the” Olive Branch “operation conducted by Turkey in Afrin. “The Shishani-led group, Jund al-Sham, mainly consists of Chechens. Despite the successes in the beginning of the Syrian conflict, financial difficulties led to a reduction in the size of the group. ”
Previously, foreign resources, referring to the video interview of a terrorist, reported that Shishani openly admitted that he conducts “jihad” in Syria because of money. In its note, the Turkish ultra-right newspaper Yeni Akit calls the terrorist from Georgia “the famous Chechen commander” who “fought for many years against the Russian occupation of Chechnya.”
The resource indicates that Turkey’s operation “Olive Branch” was blessed by the preacher Abdullah Muhajsini, a Saudi-Arab-related al-Qaeda associate. quotes Muhajsini’s appeal to all Sunni Muslims: “The Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Democratic Union of Kurdistan (the latter is the political union of the Syrian Kurds) are our enemies. They are Communists, atheists. They use national symbols to sow evil and atheism everywhere. They want to deprive the Kurdish people of its Islamic identity. To understand this, it is enough to read books by the founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, Abdullah Ocalan. You will see what disgusting words Ocalan uses against our Prophet. ” Those Kurds who do not support Ocalan’s ideas, profess Islam and do not resist the Turkish military operation, Muhausini calls “our brothers and sisters.”
A Saudi preacher from Al-Qaeda Mukhayshin and a Georgian terrorist of Chechen origin Margoshvili fought together in Syria. At the end of March 2014, a video was posted on Youtube where Mukhaysini and Margoshvili embrace each other, congratulating each other with the victory over the Syrian troops in Latakia province. At that time, more numerous than the Syrian government forces, the Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham groups managed to force out the SAR military from the dominant heights in Latakia. On the video shot by militants, joyful jihadists are posing in front of the camera against the backdrop of a set fire to the Syrian military checkpoint. On another frame of the video, the commanders, Mukhaysini and Margoshvili, hug each other.

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