Erdogan announced expansion of military operation in Syria

Turkey will not limit the operation in Syrian Afrin, it intends to stop the “dirty tricks” and clear all its border with Syria from terrorists, said the country’s President Tayyip Erdogan, speaking to the heads of local administrations in Ankara.
“Having started the operation” Olive branch “, we stopped the games of different forces who want to implement their plans in our region. Starting from Manbije, throughout our entire border (with Syria) we will completely clear the region of terrorists to ensure our security, “Erdogan said.
He also noted that Turkey “will first destroy terrorists in the north-west of Syria, and then create conditions there for the return of 3.5 million refugees,” Tass reports.
According to Erdogan, the Turkish Armed Forces and the Syrian opposition lost 7-8 people in the operation “Olive Branch” in Afrin, the enemy lost 268 people.
Recall, the operation of the Turkish military “Olive Branch” against the Kurds in Syrian Afrin began on Saturday, and its ground part – on Sunday.
The Turkish General Staff told about the destruction of 45 targets of Kurdish formations, including a shelter, warehouses with weapons, fire positions, on Sunday in Syrian Afrin.

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