It Begins: Kolomoisky Calls for New Maidan

The oligarch and former governor asked Ukrainians to take to the streets on March 28

Now calling for the overthrow of Poroshenko
Kolomoisky said that many recent statements attributed to him are fake.  The authenticity of this report is currently verified. Apologies for nipping on ahead.
The claim of Kolomoisky to the citizents of Dnepropetrovsk:
“Enough lies! We demand the truth from the government. The truth about the real state of the economy and the finances of our country. The truth about the war, lost by our incompetent generals; the truth about the thousands of dead and forgotten on the battlefields.
Friends, my dear Ukrainians! A year ago, you have proven to the world that you can not be brought to your knees. Now is the time to prove it once again! Some in Kiev have forgotten that you — not sheeple— are a great and free nation! “Revolution dignity” continues!
Compatriots! Support the initiative of residents of Dnipropetrovsk! I encourage you go out to the streets of our cities and say a firm “no” to the attempts of the current regime to return Ukraine back to the days of authoritarianism and lawlessness! We begin to fight for our rights, for our future, for the future of our country!”

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