Thierry Meysan About the US actions in the north of Syria

Brett McGurk
The refutation by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on January 17 of the statement of the commander of the Centcom, General Joseph Votela on December 23, and the press secretary of the international coalition, Colonel Thomas Vial, on January 13 caused confusion.
It also did not satisfy Turkey, which, after alerting Philippe Cosnetta, Chargé d’Affaires and the preparation for a military operation in Afrin and Manbije since January 13, began its implementation on January 20.
Contrary to this statements and refutations, the US decision does not provide for the establishment of a sovereign and independent state in the north of Syria. In fact, this is a French project, and the US intends to create an unrecognized state such as the Somali Puntland or Iraqi Kurdistan. The latter structure is absolutely independent and, in spite of the Iraqi Constitution, does not recognize the laws of Iraq, of which it is a part. And it has even own embassies abroad.
The Syrian Border Security Force must officially include 30,000 people, half of whom are former members of the Syrian Democratic Forces. All militants within three weeks should be subjected to a questionnaire and check of the biometric data. 230 cadets have already passed this procedure.
The other half will be formed in fact from 15,000 former jihadists from ISIS, who will be turned into friends from enemies.
Recall that President Trump’s special representative in the international coalition, lawyer McGurk, along with John Negroponte and Colonel James Still, took part in the transformation of the Islamic state in Iraq to the DAESH and holding a meeting to prepare the invasion of Iraqi jihadists on 27 May 2014 in Amman. After the establishment the DAESH in Iraq he began to form an international coalition to fight … against the DAESH.
However, being a diligent student, he agreed to serve President Trump on the liquidation of the jihadist organization, which he himself created, and today some militants from this organization are trying to use it for other purposes.
August 18 last year, McGurk in a friendly atmosphere met with the leaders of the DAESH, although officially the United States threatened to destroy this terrorist organization.
The draft of the Border Security Forces demonstrates how sincere the YPG militants professing the social anarchism of Murray Bukchin, but they are able to create units under the leadership of the United States jointly with the assassins of the DAESH, without a twinge of conscience.
President Trump was not informed of the Wojel-McGurk plan. Defense Minister James Mattis confirmed his instructions to the White House’s instructions on the jihadists. Nevertheless, Votel and Makgerk remain in their places.

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