How the US betrayed the Kurds

As you know, the US usually betray their allies. And often those who relied entirely on Washington, blindly trusting their fate, eventually got a knife in the back from Washington. Realizing that this trick does not work with the Turks, the United States this time decided to betray its recent Kurdish allies.
With the start of the Turkish military operation against the Kurdish People’s Self-Defense Forces in Afrin, relations between Ankara and Washington have entered in a final impasse. The last straw was the US statement on the establishment of border forces on the Turkish-Syrian border, mainly from among the Kurds.
The cooperation of the Americans with the YPG (recognized in Turkey as a terrorist) over the past two years has looked like an outright mockery. It is noteworthy that, after Erdogan announced the beginning of the operation in Aleppo, the Americans sent the Kurds to Afrin guns, ammunition and heavy weapons. In fact, the US demonstrated that they act on the side of the Turkey enemies. For a long time this could not continue and Ankara’s patience should have burst.
The Turkish Foreign Minister, in talks with Trump’s national security adviser, Herbert McMaster, demanded that the US cease support for the YPG and cut off all arms supplies to the Kurds. Of course, the US refused such an offer. After that, Erdogan personally urged Washington to stop provocations against Turkey and not encroach on the borders of the republic, adding that Ankara “will not tolerate it any more.” In support of these words on January 20, Turkish troops inflicted air strikes on the positions of YPG in Afrin. The following reaction of the US was a bit discouraging.
The chief of the US Army Central Command, Army General Joseph Vautel, directly on board of his plane stated, “that the zone of responsibility of the Western coalition does not extend to Afrin” and, therefore, the city is not part of the scope of America’s military operations. “The US does not support the members of the Kurdish group in the Afrin area and do not view them as part of the operations to combat ISIS. The United States does not train and support forces acting outside the zone of action of the Syrian democratic forces, “he said.
Then the representative of the International Coalition against the “Islamic State” Colonel Ryan Dillon said that the Pentagon will not impede the possible operation of Turkey in Afrin.
After such statements, it is very obvious that the Kurds received their (highly anticipated) American knife in the back. And given that the Kurds have brought many victims in the fight against IGIL, and often were at the forefront of this struggle, helping the same Americans, such a “reward” from Washington looks very unpleasant. However, have you waited for something else?

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