The US State Department has started the song about the Syrian chemical weapons again

The US Foreign Ministry has issued another batch of claims against Russia about the fact that country allegedly hinders the verification of the establishment of the facts of the chemical weapons use in Syria. The subject of chemical weapons by Western political elites rises whenever they are going to start any adventure against the backdrop of geopolitical difficulties in Syria.
“Interfax” quotes the statement of US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Goldstein, made during his meeting with journalists at a briefing:
Russia has not been able to clear Syria completely from chemical weapons, but now it blocks the work of international organizations related to chemical weapons. That’s enough! Civilians are killed there. This is unacceptable!
However, Goldstein did not say a word that the US took an equal part with Russia to export chemical weapons from the SAR, which means that if chemical weapons remain in Syria, they should bear at least equal responsibility with Russia. Moreover, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which received the Nobel Peace Prize for export assistance of these weapons from the SAR, after the words of Goldstein should return the prize back to the Nobel Committee.
The US media, at the same time, makes it clear that the State Department does not in fact have any frank evidence that chemical weapons in Syria were used exclusively by the “Assad regime”. However, the State Department continues to make attempts to untwist the misinformation roundabout on charges of Moscow and Damascus.
Recall that the claim against Russia is made by the country that violated the treaty and has not yet liquidated its own chemical arsenal.

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