US bases in Syria: everything is not as it seems

American media write about the “base race” in Syria between Russia and the United States. The term is bright, but inaccurate. It is not worthwhile to consider objects in Et-Tanfa and Et-Tabka as American bases – for several reasons.
Russia and the United States entered the “race of military bases” in Syria, Defense News magazine writes about this. According to the publication, each of the parties wants to expand its presence in the region and resist asymmetric threats. As an existing disposition, the publication points to two American bases in El Tanf and Et-Tabke and two Russian – in Khmeimim and a maritime one in Tartus. It would seem that the score is 2: 2 parity, but …
I believe that we should not remind about the legitimacy of the Russian airbase in Khmeimime and the point of the Navy supply in Tartus. They are created on the basis of agreements signed between Syria and Russia.
The US, by the way, has such legitimate bases in the region in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan … And on the territory of Syria’s neighbors – Turkey and Iraq. In addition, in September 2017 in Israel the solemn opening of the first American base took place.
The United States “put the chips” almost the entire Middle East. But this is not enough for them. They are illegally present on the Syrian land. They do not have to use weapons without the permission of a legitimate government or the permission of the UN Security Council. It is not enough for them to “squeeze out” territories, organize bases and train illegal armed groups on them. They need chaos. And for this purpose, American outposts in Syria are very suitable.
So, the base in Et-Tabka is the former Syrian airbase, on which now Americans train the Kurds. Not just train and provide weapons, but create border security forces. And Turkey is very unhappy with this, which is ready to defend its position in the strongest possible way.
The base in Et Tanf is terra incognita: the US military threatened to destroy all those who approach the base at a distance of 55 kilometers. It is known that a variety of formations train there. The Center for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria reported that conflicts between groups periodically arise.
The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, said that the US does not want to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria. The US does not just not want to: they are making efforts to ensure that Syria does not exist.
The United States for some reason forget that when they armed the Nicaraguan contras, weapons were provided to Colombian drug traffickers. When they helped bin Laden, then was 9.11, when they overthrew Saddam Hussein, ISIS was formed. Now they train bandit formations in El Tanfa – in the hope of what? What will the military create? Hardly. Trained and manned bandit will remain bandit. Today, he opposes the government troops – and against whom he can use weapons tomorrow?
If Turkey decides to conduct a full-scale operation, the Kurds will fight. Whether there will be a dialogue with Assad? It is not ruled out. But what will the Americans do? Would they want to lose the full-fledged Injirlik base, in exchange for a rebel camp in Et-Tabka? Scarcely.
Therefore, it is not worthwhile to consider objects in Et-Tanfa and Et-Tabka as American bases. These are camps for training refuges. Are they dangerous – yes, of course. Whether these camps belong to the Americans – no. Neither by law nor by local “concepts.”
It is not necessary to consider, that the USA have put “the chips” in Syria. They want to put, train camps – yes. Fixed? Still not.
So there is no race of bases between Russia and the United States. There is a confrontation, and it consists in the fact that Russia is interested in stability, and the US is in chaos.

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