The US remain in Syria until the complete removal of Bashar Assad!

On January 17, in the speech at Stanford University, US Secretary of State – Rex Tillerson – announced that the US will maintain an indefinite presence in Syria with the goal of removing the country’s president, Bashar Assad.
Tillerson said: “Assad’s regime is rotten, and his methods of governing the country and its economic development have largely been bypassed by certain ethnic and religious groups.” Such oppression can not last forever. ”
He further stated: “At the moment, the full withdrawal of US troops will restore the power of Assad and prolong his inhuman treatment of his own people.”
Tillerson added that “Free and transparent elections will lead to the fact that Assad and his family will forever lose power.” The United States, without a doubt, believes that any elections, as a result of which Assad will not lose power, are not “free” and “transparent.”
According to official information, at the moment the American contingent in Syria is at least 2,000 servicemen. The true number of American servicemen and PMC staff in the country remains unknown.
Asad-Alawit, and there are 60% Sunnis in the country! The religious minority rules the majority. How do you think who are the ISIS and other terrorist groups? Sunni!
It is hard to imagine the level of peoples despair so they became so-called terrorists! … Of course. Why did they enter Syria? In order to leave it? It is necessary to bring the matter to the end. There will be left-bank Syria and the right bank. By the type of North and South Korea, probably. This is probably a minimum. Actually, I think that this will end. Of course, Assad will not be able to overthrow. Why? Because his Russia supports.
Then we will see the strengthening of the Kurds. The destabilization of the region will continue. The ultimate goals are the disintegration of Turkey and Iran and the creation of Kurdistan. What will happen in the end, let’s see!

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