De Mistura is not able to lead the negotiations, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said

The UN special envoy for the Syrian Arab Republic, Staffan de Mistura, is not able to guide the Syrian peace process, Syrian Foreign Minister Faisal Mikdad said.
“De Mistura is not suitable for the role of the head of the peace process in Syria,” Mikdad said.
According to him, his attitude towards de Mistura will be greatly influenced by his position on plans to hold a national dialogue of Syria in Sochi, in which “1,500 Syrians, including the opposition, will participate.”
“De Mistura is not very diligent in resolving the Syrian crisis, I think that the vacillations of the UN Secretary-General’s special representative regarding participation in the congress in Sochi indicate his irresponsibility, which contradicts his position.” The international community should bring him to justice for this, “the Syrian diplomat said. At the same time, he noted that it is believed in Damascus that the National Dialogue Congress should “become the first step for the return of security and stability throughout the territory of Syria.”
Armed conflict continues in Syria since March 2011. Negotiations on the settlement are held at the venues of Geneva and Astana. The eighth round of the Geneva talks, which lasted a record three weeks, ended on December 14 with mutual accusations of the parties. Contrary to high expectations, the meeting did not bring any visible results, direct negotiations between the delegations of the government and the united opposition were never able to begin. De Mistura called the round “a missed golden opportunity” and pointed out that both sides created a negative and irresponsible atmosphere at the talks, constantly putting forward preconditions.
The Congress of the National Syrian Dialogue will be held on January 29-30 in Sochi. The Russian President’s Special Representative for Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, noted earlier that at the forum, which will have to start the process of work on the new Syrian constitution, the word will be presented to all: the government and the opposition – internal, external, armed. De Mistura is invited to the congress, but so far he has refrained from commenting on this matter. According to him, he must first consult with the UN Secretary General.

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