The US started to build a new state in Syria

Although the current US president promised to leave Syria before the elections after “knocking the spirit out of ISIS”, in fact it turned out the other way around. Washington, in fact, began to build a new quasi-state – the Syrian Kurdistan – and is already preparing security forces to protect the borders of 30,000 bayonets. Russian experts evaluated the US aspiration to “redraw the borders” in the Middle East.
On Monday, Damascus condemned the United States decision on the formation of the “Border Security Force” on the country’s north-eastern border, the Syrian state news agency SANA reports.
In the Syrian Foreign Ministry, the US intentions were described as “a flagrant aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria and an outrageous violation of international law.” The authorities also called on the international community to put an end to the “arrogant and hegemonic policy of the United States administration.”
In Ankara and Moscow, too, are enraged by Washington’s decision to form a new army in Syria under its aegis – from Kurds and allied Arabs. The representative of the American coalition, Thomas Wiel, casually recalled that the Pentagon really will not have any right to remain in Syria after the defeat of ISIS. However, he did not begin to explain, on what then legal basis Washington allows itself such broad gestures as the creation of a quasi-army in the territory of a foreign country.
Recall, an international coalition led by the United States announced in Syria a new military structure – the Border Security Force.
“The coalition is working with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to create and train new Syrian border security forces,” said the spokesman for the coalition, Thomas Wil, quoted by the Defense Post.
“The base for the new power structure is, in fact, about 15 thousand representatives of the Syrian democratic forces, which will be regrouped into the new border security forces, as their struggle against the IG is over,” Wil said. He added that about 230 people have already gone “to the first class,” that is, to the first level of training.
The coalition plans to number about 30 thousand people. The size of the SDF group today experts also estimated at 30-40 thousand soldiers, most of whom are Kurdish militiamen.
Wil added that the “security forces” will be located in the valley of the Euphrates River – along the western margin of the territory controlled by SDF, along the Iraqi and Turkish borders.
The US initiative came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan yesterday announced that the Turkish military could launch an operation in the Kurdish-controlled regions of Manbij and Afrin in northwestern Syria within a week.
“The US is taking steps that legitimize the terrorist organization – it causes concern,” Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalyn said to Vil.
Ankara reserves the right to “any fight against terrorism”, both inside the country and abroad. “Turkey will take all measures to ensure its security”.
Military experts believe that special border forces will really be needed – until the ISIS militants willbe finally finished off.

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