The US made a point on it: “Border Guard Forces” are being created in Syria

After suffering a humiliating defeat from Russia in Syria, the Americans are not going to give up. Having lost their bearded irregular army, the Pentagon’s strategists bet on the newly formed forces, supposedly called to defend the border, touching the interests of Turkey.
The new American initiative is to create, on the basis of the SDF that they have built up, new combat-ready units that will be deployed on the western border of the SDF-controlled territory along the Euphrates and along the Syrian-Turkish and Syrian-Iraqi borders. In any case, the representative of the so-called. “Coalition” Thomas Vil said about it. It also means the final strength of the contingent – 30 thousand people.
The first one who was angry was Ankara. The war of Turkey with the Kurds in general and the KWP (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) in particular has long become an all-too-familiar theme. Erdogan with his Kurdish territories can not cope, although in the south of the country are almost always carried out military operations. With aviation, armored vehicles and other joys. But it is the other case to get on the border with Syria Kurdish army controlled by the. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country stated the following: “The US cooperation with the Democratic Union Party and the People’s Self-Defense Forces units, which contradicts Washington’s commitments and earlier statements, threatens our national security and the territorial integrity of Syria. We do not accept such initiatives. ”
At the same time, the cooperation of the Americans with the Kurds looks very strange. First, the US backs them, then they refuse to support, then they start to help again, while assures Erdogan that it will be completely abandoned… Multifaced American Janus in all its glory.
Did anyone doubt that the Yankees would simply take and leave Syria? No, in this case they went to the principle. It is not so important for them to overthrow the “tyrant of Assad”, how much to return the lost imaginary power and to prove to the world that they are stronger than Russia. And it does not matter that finding the US itself and its forces in the territory of a sovereign state contradicts all international norms. When did they pay attention to such a trifle as international law?

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