Turkey wants to destroy the American favorites in Syria

Turkey prepares to solve the “Kurdish issue” by military means. They know how to persuade Washington and Moscow not to interfere with them in this noble cause.
Destroy the corridor
Ankara intends to launch military operations against Syrian Kurds in Afriya and Manbije. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his address to the Turkish parliamentarians. “It’s time to finally destroy the project of the separatist organization to create a terrorist corridor in Syria,” the Turkish leader said. Apparently, he has in mind the “Kurdish corridor” stretching along the Syrian-Turkish border, which, according to Erdogan, will destabilize Kurdish territory along its Turkish side, supplying and arming them. Therefore, in order to prevent metastasis Ankara is ready to destroy the tumor in the face of Syrian Kurdistan – for Erdogan this has long been a matter of national security.
Turkey has expressed this readiness for a very long time. Up to now, the latest Turkish warnings have remained just warnings.
But now they are closer to realization than ever. After all, Turkey is working hard to remove two major obstacles to the operation, which are the positions of the US and Russia.
As you know, the Syrian Kurds are the American favorites in Syria. Washington hoped with the help of these comrades to have an impact not only on the internal political life of postwar Syria, but also to use them to influence neighboring states, primarily Turkey and Iraq, as well as Iran. Americans regard the Syrian Kurdistan as their regional bridgehead and have already set up a number of bases on it. Naturally (given the importance of favorites for US foreign policy), the US refuses to “surrender” the Syrian Kurds of Turkey. Especially – Turkey, Erdogan, with whom Americans have more and more divergent views on life in the region. The ambitious “neo-Ottoman” Turkey, pursuing an independent policy in the Middle East and Europe, playing on the feelings of the Arab street and therefore occupying a sharply anti-Israeli stance, is no longer an ally and a guide, but a threat to US interests.

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