Kurdish project of the USA: Iranian intelligence has declassified 14 American bases in Syria

On the eve of the past year, December 31, the Pentagon again played the intrigue around its military bases in Syria. US Secretary of Defense James Mattis warned that any attack on US bases will be repulsed, and attackers will be punished. This high-profile statement woke the world public opinion about the reality of the US logistics infrastructure in Syria.
Iranian intelligence counted 14 military bases in Syria, including 12 in the north and northeast and two more in the south. In addition, Turkish media reported the existence of 13 warehouses of American weapons in Kurdish areas, which are located in close proximity to the US bases.
1. Base Dirik
The Dirik base is the farthest point of the American presence in Syria. It is on the Turkish-Syrian border and includes two military bases, where groups of American paratroopers provide military assistance to the Syrian democratic forces. The Dirik base also serves as an airport for American logistics aircraft.
2. Sabah Al-Khair Base
The Sabah al-Khair base is located south-west of the city of Hasaka and is particularly important due to its proximity to the Syrian-Iraqi border. Only US combat helicopters are deployed on this base, which transport weapons and reinforcements for Syrian Kurds.
3. Ain Issa Base
The Ain Issa base is located between the Turkish border and the Syrian city of Rakka. Weapons and ammunition are transferred to the troops of the Kurdish “Party of the Democratic Union” from this base.
4. Base Tal al-Saman
Base Tal al-Saman is the second American base, located between the Turkish-Syrian border and Rakka. This is the most important base for espionage and wiretapping in Syria.
5. Base al-Tabq
The al-Tabba base is located to the southeast of Rakka and serves as an airport for US aircraft.
6. Baza al-Jalbiatt
Baza al-Jalbiatt, located north-west of Rakka, is an unauthorized military zone that houses 40 modern military-logistics aircraft, a runway, platforms for launching complex heavy missiles and several other types of aircraft.
7. Base Harb Ishk
Base Harb Ishk belongs to a group of eight bases near the northern border, shared by Syria and Turkey. This base contains contingents of American soldiers.
8. Base Jebel Mashnur
Base Jebel Mashnur is the northernmost in Syria. Its distinctive feature is a radio relay antenna belonging to the American and French special forces.
9. Base Sirin
Base Sirin is located in the east of the city of Manbij. American paratroopers depart for various missions in Syria from this base.
10-11. The bases of Al-Tanf No. 1 and No. 2
Two bases in al-Tanf are divided by the British, American forces and forces of the new “Free Syrian Army.”
12. Tal-Tamir Base
The Tal-Tamir base is also used by the British, the US and the new forces of the “Free Syrian Army.” It is located in northeastern Syria, near the city of Hasaka. It houses 200 American and 70 French soldiers and there are training barracks for the “Free Syrian Army.”
13. Base Manbij
The Manjige base is the most strategic because it is located in an area where there is a high risk of clashes between the Kurdish forces and the Syrian Free Army. It seems that this base was opened with the goal of preventing conflicts and the penetration of Syrian forces in this region.
14. Base of Aleppo
The Aleppo base was established in a strategic region to prevent clashes between the “Free Syrian Army” and the Kurdish forces and prevent the penetration of the Syrian army. Americans plan to follow this region from this base.
The presence of US military infrastructure in northern Syria indicates that the Americans stabilize their positions there for a long time. The geography of the location itself corresponds to the extended territory of Syrian Kurdistan, whose autonomy the Pentagon provides by supplying the Kurds with weapons, light and heavy military equipment. Arming Syrian Kurds with the separation of this territory from Damascus corresponds to a new plan for a proxy war to deter Iran in Syria and the eastern Mediterranean.

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