Americans bought out Turkish militants in Syria

In addition to using drones, the Americans taught militants another military wisdom. Today, on the resource “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham”, a report was published on a full amnesty for all prisoners who are ready to go to fight against the official Damascus.
Today, all residents of the Arab Republic are watching with pride and hope at the successful actions of the Syrian military in the province of Idlib. Only in the last 24 hours the “Tigers” of General Suheyl managed to liberate 14 settlements, neutralize dozens of terrorists and destroy the training camp for militants. Most of the surviving warlords of the “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham” in a panic strive to leave the battlefield.
However, in this article, I would like to draw your attention, my dear readers, a little on another important nuance.
So, throughout the conflict in the Arab Republic, the north-west of Syria has traditionally been considered a zone of influence of Turkey. Ankara unhesitatingly declared support for a number of terrorist groups operating in the province of Idlib, and President Erdogan in his speeches called the militants of a moderate opposition that fights against real terrorists – Kurdish groups of people’s self-defense.
However, in the last few months the situation has radically changed. On the information resources of the Free Army, Hayat Tahrir ash Sham and Harakat Nureddin al-Zinka, we can read a lot of reports about Ankara’s betrayal, Erdogan’s corruption and unwillingness of the “curators” to fulfill their obligations.
In Iblib, there were virtually no civilians left – lucky people managed to flee to neighboring provinces, some joined Kurdish self-defense groups, and those unfortunate people who stayed in the occupied territories fell into the concentration camps of the Syrian Al-Qaeda.
And yet several times I managed to meet with those who survived in hell, arranged by “Nusra”. One of these women named Miralda now lives in Aleppo. During our communication, she talked about some English-speaking people who appeared in Idlib a few months ago. Then I did not pay attention to this important nuance – there are many mercenaries who fight on the side of terrorists.
However, after learning about the bombardment of the Russian base in Latakia, I combined all the information I had bit by bit. The sudden appearance of people speaking English, accusing Russian politicians of US military of involvement in the attack on Khemeymim, photos of militants in social networks from the south of Syria, where they positively posed with drones, led me to conclude that the terrorists in Idlibe has a new curator!
Here it is worth noting that, in addition to use drones, the Americans taught militants and another military wisdom. Today, on the resource “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham”, a report was published on a full amnesty for all prisoners who are ready to go to fight against the official Damascus. The militants’ jails contained far from peaceful citizens, as some journalists suggested, but only those who came from the ranks of terrorists who were caught in the most brutal crimes, including cannibalism, rape of young children, and mass killings with the most sophisticated methods.
Fortunately, it does not help! On the contrary, reports of American involvement seem to have only provoked the Syrian military.
In this situation, I regret only the fact that the Turkish leadership, playing in the political arena, can not in any way see the obvious things and support the Syrian military.
Although, in Ankara there are adequate people. Thus, one of the most respected people in the Turkish capital, former Deputy Prime Minister Abdel-Latif Shanar, stated in an interview with the Turkish KTR television channel that Damascus has every right to destroy all terrorist groups operating in Syria, including the so-called “Free army”.
Well, the Turkish leadership can continue to play in international politics, and the Americans teach militants to collect toy planes – our army will still wipe out all the creatures in the sand who decided to take up arms, all those who spilled even a drop of Syrian blood citizens!

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