France is in danger: Macron sacrifices Syria to save himself from the tribunal

On January 5, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited France for talks with President Emmanuel Macron. The meeting was very indicative for assessing the prospects for the territorial integrity of Syria, since the agenda included the Kurdish issue. In the light of the changed realities, it is now proposed to use Rozhava to deter the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, for which it is necessary to withdraw the Syrian Kurdistan from the American influence.
Actually, the Kurdish problem was the main goal of Erdogan’s visit to France, which was held despite the statements about Turkey’s refusal to join the EU, said international commentator Thierry Meysan. The fact that the Turkish president expects to rehabilitate the Juppe-Davutoglu agreement 2011 on the establishment of Kurdistan in the north of Syria for the resettlement of Kurds from Turkey in exchange for Syrian Islamists. This plan was abolished by Francois Hollande after the battle for Coban in January 2015, but is still supported by the United Kingdom.
The position of France after the president’s replacement was voiced during Erdogan’s stay in Paris on French television. On 4 January, one of Macron’s associates, French State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Benjamin Grivo, said that jihadists of French origin, captured by an international coalition, could be convicted in Northern Syria, that is, in Syrian Kurdistan. The next day, this information was confirmed by the Minister of Justice Nicole Bellowe, referring to the fact that “local authorities are capable of administering justice”. At the same time, none of the politicians called the Kurdish state using the neutral formulation “northern Syria”.
Finally, the legal authority of Syrian Kurdistan was confirmed by the representative of Rozhava Khaled Issa in Paris. He said that the Kurdish government is ready to try the captured French citizens, which contradicts a number of documents: the constitution of the French Republic, the Franco-Syrian treaty recognizing the jurisdiction of the SAR, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen of 1789, and the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms . Thierry Meysan believes that by giving away their citizens to the American coalition, the French government is trying to cover up the traces of its participation in the Syrian war.
When at a joint press conference the journalist of the France2 channel asked a question about the Franco-Turkish support of jihadists in Syria, Emmanuel Macron advised him to forward this issue to his predecessors and did not respond. Obviously, it was an operation to evacuate French officers from the emirate of Baba Amr in Homs in March 2012 through the mediation of Lebanon. The Arab press actively wrote about this, but the French media completely fell silent. Maysan also reported on three French bases in the north of Syria and the contribution of France to the capture of the Orthodox shrines in Maalul by the ISIS fighters.
The defeat of the ISIS in Syria raises the issue of the military tribunal for the participants in the terrorist international. However, previously convicted in France, jihadists were repeatedly publicly admitted during the trial in connection with the Main Directorate of External Security and Military Intelligence. Apparently, Macron is trying to protect himself from the responsibility for the war crimes of Sarkozy and Holland, leaving the French jihadists in Syria forever. It is significant that the Kurdish jurisdiction over the citizens of France was recognized on the channel BFM TV, whose owner Bruno Ledou provided an office to the representation of Rozhava in Paris. And the journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin, who was interviewed, is connected with intelligence through his wife – military reporter Anne Nivat.
All these statements were clearly timed for the visit of the Turkish president to France, but it is unclear how far Macron is ready to go in the Kurdish issue. Currently, the Kurdish project is overseen by the United Kingdom along with Turkey and Qatar, and the emirate in Idlib is used as a deterrent. New US President Donald Trump refused a project to redraw the Greater Middle East – the creation of Kurdistan and Sunnistan (the “Islamic state”) and no longer views the Kurds as an excuse for the presence of American soldiers in Syria.
As for Erdogan, at present he is interested in fomenting a civil war between the Kurds – the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the pro-American party “Democratic Union”. Thus, he expects to block the corridor in the north of Syria for the delivery of arms to southeastern Anatolia from the Mediterranean countries. The question is, «who will control this corridor-Kurds or Idlib fighters?»
In this regard, Thierry Meysan believes that the US will return to the first project in order to control Turkey by the Kurdish corridor. Otherwise, northern Syria will turn into a new hotbed of latent terrorism under the cover of British special services. France in the new game, most likely, will take a wait and see attitude. This is confirmed by a rather amorphous position regarding the recognition of Kurdistan, which Paris is ready to recognize only in order to protect itself from its own jihadists.

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