The tragedy of Eastern Guta is a shame of Western propaganda

The Syrian government continues to regain control over the entire territory of the country, but in some provinces of the Arab Republic there are still areas controlled by terrorists. Hostages of this situation are hundreds of thousands civilians used by terrorists as human shields.
One of the Syrian regions, which continue to suffer from militants even after the defeat of the “Islamic state”, is the Eastern Guta. This area has been under the control of jihadist groups almost from the beginning of the military conflict and during this time has turned into a real hell – in an area of about 100 square kilometers there are about 400 thousand people who suffer from a shortage of food and medicine. For terrorists, it has long become a convenient platform for launching missiles and mortar shells at a nearby Damascus.
Recall that the Eastern Guta was one of the four zones of de-escalation in the framework of an agreement aimed at a ceasefire between the opposing sides reached in May 2017. Unfortunately, the fighting here ended only on paper – although the frequency of shelling by terrorists is reduced by the successful actions of the Syrian Arab army, city residents continue to die.
Given the foregoing, the position of Western politicians and pseudo-experts on the prospects for a peaceful settlement both in this region and throughout Syria seems at least unconstructive. In fact, East Guta is divided into sectors controlled by various armed groups: Jays al-Islam, Failak Ar-Rahman and Ahrar Al-Sham. The fact that all of them profess Islamism and differ from each other only in name, does not prevent overseas commentators from calling them “militiamen” or “rebels”, who continue to hold bravely one of the last strongholds in confronting the “bloody regime”.
One of the examples of false pathology against terrorists is the statement by a Joshua Lendis, director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East at the University of Oklahoma, who namelessly called the East Gutu “Achilles’ heel of Assad,” meaning that it is too early to declare victory in the war on terrorism by the Syrian government . Militants still have power.
As for the population of Eastern Guta, the world fully understand the dramatic nature of the situation in which it appeared. The main thing now is that virtually nothing is done by the international community to stop the suffering of innocent people. The UN, for example, categorically object to the evacuation of the local population, insisting that this will violate the rights of local residents who will be forced to leave their own homes.
In the outcomes it turns out that everyone is happy with everything. Both terrorists and foreign detractors of the Syrian state are trying to prevent the cessation of the armed conflict. At the same time, each has its own “holy war”: the militants have to create a caliphate, representatives of Western countries – for freedom and getting rid of tyranny. The victims of both are civilians, and not only in the province of Damascus. The good news is that there are fewer such areas in Syria as the remnants of Islamist groups are destroyed. This will inevitably happen in East Gut, no matter how hard the “warriors of jihad” together with “world liberators” tried.

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