How the Saudis finished off the Syrian opposition

The Syrian opposition, who recently seemed to be a major player in the war against Assad, seems to be rapidly losing its political weight. Last July, the United States attacked the opposition, depriving it of military support. And now it became known that the Syrian opposition lost its last ally – Saudi Arabia.
The American magazine Foreign Policy spoke about the secret meeting of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubair with the leaders of the Syrian opposition. During the meeting, Jubair informed his “friends” that from now, Riyadh stops the help for opposition in overthrowing the Syrian President Bashar Assad. In addition, he advised the opposition to “moderate fervor” and concentrate their efforts on concluding a political deal with Damascus.
The news caused a stir in the Arab media. Qatar TV channel Al Jazzera writes that Saudi Arabia’s refusal to support the Syrian opposition once again underlines the success of Russian diplomacy in shaping the future of post-war Syria. The process of peaceful settlement goes to the finish line and clearly leaves no chance for maneuvers of the Syrian opposition. In this situation, the opposition gets the role of catching the last train. The role in which something to claim is useless and it remains only to take what is given. Well, or take advantage of the Saudis advice, and conclude a deal on more or less favorable terms for yourself.
According to the Arab media, this situation, which a year ago seemed unrealistic, was made possible thanks to the total inaction of the United States. The administration of Donald Trump focused on the confrontation with Iran and seems to be so carried away by the game that they lost all interest in the Syrian issue. It is only natural that Saudi Arabia immediately follow the example. The support of the blind-alley Syrian opposition without the approval of the “Uncle Sam” is not suitable.
Of course, it is too early to talk about the final defeat of the Syrian opposition. But the loss of the Saudi’s support not only “knocks it down,” but also creates all the prerequisites for sending it to the backyard of Syrian history in the near future.

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