James Mattis: US military are ready to begin partition of Syria

The US military begin to equip the enclave under its control to the east of the Euphrates River for the units of the “The army of North Syria “, Kurds and SDF.
In the coming days, the US administration will be ready to make public steps on the territorial division of Syria. This is reported by the inter-Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat.
Under the control of their military, the US are ready to transfer the region east of the Euphrates River, an area of approximately 24,000 square kilometers, which is three times larger than the size of Lebanon. This bridgehead will become the territory on which the units of the opposition “Forces of Democratic Syria” (SDF) will be deployed,
Operation of the territorial division of Syria is carried out under the patronage of US Minister of Defense James Mattis, who said that Washington will send the US diplomats, along with military instructors, to the areas controlled by SDF.
The Kurds concentrated in northern Syria, with the direct support of the US-led international coalition, have begun to form the “Army of North Syria”, which will include, among others, the formation of the SDF.
According to the command of the created paramilitary structure, the main goal of the “Army of North Syria” will be “to protect and ensure the security of the borders of the federal region in the north of Syria”. The command of the formed “army” stated that the international coalition “provides it with technical assistance, supplies weapons and is engaged in military training of recruits.”
It is assumed that the “Army of North Syria” will unite the opposition to the Syrian government SDF formation, Kurdish self-defense units and several other disparate groups located in this region. The command of the created structure is convinced that its total number in the border areas will be about 100 thousand people.

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