The US have not abandoned the long-term goals to destabilize situation in Syria

The chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, once again announced the preparation by the Americans of terrorist groups on the Syrian border with Jordan and Iran within a radius of 55 kilometers from the At-Tanf settlement, as well as in the Al-Shaddadi camp:
“According to the data of space and other types of reconnaissance, there are units of militants in it. They actually prepare terrorists there. Moreover, recently the British television channel BBC reported how the evacuation of militants from Rakka was organized. Four hundred people were taken by Kurds under the cover of Americans to Shaddadie camp – this is in the northeast of Syria. This is the territory controlled by the Kurds and there is also an American base. In addition, about 800 people from the eastern shore of the Euphrates, from the area where the Kurds were advancing, arrived in the Shaddady camp … ”
In fact, we are talking about terrorist gangs of the “Islamic state” who, however, after their work … took another name – “The New Syrian Army”. Their task is to destabilize the situation … about 400 people left the Shaddady camp in the area of El Tanf. After the main ISIS forces were defeated, they tried to destabilize the situation, advancing from the eastern shore of the Euphrates. But they take casualties. Somewhere around 750 people are now in Shaddady and about 350 in El Tanfa. ”
For several months, the militants tried to conduct active operations, bypassing the blockade of the Syrian units: in particular, they managed to seize El-Karjatein for some time.
In addition, access to humanitarian convoys, accompanied by UN staff and experts from the Russian Center for Reconciliation of Warring Parties, to the largest refugee camp in Syria, the Ruhrbahn, located about 25 kilometers west of Al-Tanf, is still impossible. According to the coordinator of the peace process and security of the province of Homs Hadzha Adel, ISIS militants are hiding in the camp: “According to information of my people in the camp, there is a group of militants calling themselves the” New Syrian Army. ” Their number is small. It consists of people who fled from the ISIS and came to Er-Rukban, from refugees who were forcibly forced to swear allegiance to this group. ” According to him, foreign mercenaries were also seen in Er-Rukban.
It seems that the unintelligible responses of American partners to the requests of the Russian side only hide their true goals. A few days ago, the head of the public relations department of the operation “Inherent Resolve”, the Pentagon colonel Thomas Vil, quite frankly stated: “Russia hastily announced earlier this month the victory over ISIS…” , “The Syrian regime was unable to demonstrate the ability to prevent the resurgence of ISIS in its own territory. As we saw this week in Damascus and over the past few months in other areas throughout Syria, such as in Palmyra, ISIS retains the opportunity to take sudden offensives and force out Assad forces from the territories. ” The head of the Pentagon, J. Mattis, speaks about it practically the same, which fully confirms the concern of the Russian military about the possible appearance of new terrorist groups capable of making attacks in various parts of the country.
As Gerasimov noted, in addition to the air base in Khmeimim and the naval forces in Tartus, the Russians are closely engaged in “our advisers are in virtually all units of government Syrian troops. For two years, officers, junior commanders of the Syrian army received great practice. Now they are capable of fighting and defending their territory. With our forces, from our bases we can make assistance if necessary. These forces are sufficient to maintain the stability and territorial integrity of Syria. ”
Earlier, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem stated that Damascus had evidence (including testimony) of episodes of the evacuation of terrorists from combat zones to safe areas by American aviation. For example, from the Deir-ez-Zor area, 20 field commanders were evacuated, some of them with their families. Obviously, later Washington plans to use them to fight against Damascus in other directions, including so-called zones of de-escalation. In addition, the investigation of the British organization Conflict Armament Research contains numerous facts that testify to the financing, logistics and coordination of the activities of the various terrorist groups in the Middle East by the American special services and their Eastern European helpers.

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