What did the United States forgot in Yemen?

The American newspaper The New York Times, known for its high-profile journalistic investigations and bold criticism of its own government, is outraged by US policy regarding the war in Yemen, which created the largest humanitarian crisis in the 21st century.
In the war that the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia is waging against the Yemeni rebels (Husits), the United States strongly condemns the support of the Husites by Iran. But at the same time, they supply the Arab coalition with ammunition, providing it with material and technical support, and sharing important intelligence information, thus throwing more and more firewood into the undamped fire of the Yemeni war.
Condemning the humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen, which endangered the lives of almost a million Yemenis, the United States, in fact, make considerable efforts to continue this conflict. It’s enough just to recall the ardent speech of the US permanent representative to the United Nations Nikki Haley who on December 15, 2017 staged a real show, presenting at the military base in Washington fragments of missiles allegedly delivered by Iran to the Yemeni Husits. If this fact can be proved, it will only lead to an even greater escalation of the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the region.
Moreover, the Arab press noticed the considerable similarity between Nikki Haley’s speech and the speech of US Secretary of State Colin Powell to the UN Security Council, accusing Iraq of concealing weapons of mass destruction. Powell later apologized. However, we remember everything exactly what this speech led to. The US bring troops into Iraq, initiating bloody wars that led to chaos in many countries of the Middle East.
According to many Arab experts, unlike Russia, which makes titanic efforts to establish a peaceful life in Syria and strives to stabilize the shaken balance in the Middle East, the US, as usual, continues to pursue a criminal policy of double standards.
In his unrestrained desire to strengthen ties with Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump turns a blind eye to the catastrophe in Yemen and, with his own hands, plunges the country into greater chaos …

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