NEW TRUMP’S “EAGLES” (Fairytale)

Donald Trump sat in an army field unit 20 km northeast of the city of Jisr al-Shaddad (Syria) and waited for the guests.
The door of the module was timidly tapped.
– Who’s there? Trump started hopefully.
“This is ISIS,” they murmured hesitantly.
– And also “Djebhat an Nusra” and “Ahrar ash Sham”. We were told that you can feed us and we can relax here. And … still get new weapons.
– Well, of course! Trump opened the door joyfully and invited the terrorists into the room with a sweeping gesture. – Come on, dear! Eat and change your clothes. All the best American is for you. Feel yourself at home. Just throw weapons at the doorstep and these … black flags.
A friendly crowd of bearded men came into the room. Rushed to the table – there are hamburgers and Coca-Cola. And on the threshold quickly grew a mountain of weapons and flags with an incomprehensible white script.
Trump straightened the straw forelock and looked tenderly at the guests.
“There are so few of you,” he finally said. – Well, what is it like there?
“The Russians do not give us the tie to relax,” muttered one of the bearded men, chewing a hamburger. – Bombs are dropped, missiles are launched. We run from Aleppo, and they shoot and shoot …
– They are really out of it. Keep calm, in our training center you are not in danger, “Trump reassured.
– And if they bomb here too …
– They will not. We, made a camp for refugees behind the fence. Russians do not shoot at refugees. So eat and rest. Yes, America will help you.
-Will we execute someone?” one of the ISIS fighters asked hopefully.
-We’ll have to wait with executions … We’ll take the flags from you, we’ll change clothes and change shoes.” We will give a new weapons. But from now you will be called the “New Syrian Army”. And forget about ISIS, and about your Djebhats and Nusras. And then the Russians will not leave you. So start life with a new sheet of paper…
Terrorists liked the information which they heard. They hastily ate up the remnants of fast food, changing their clothes on white uniform on the move.
– Well. I see you ate and rested. So take new flags and forward – to overthrow Assad. And remember do not talk about ISIS. Today you were born again! Who you are?
“The New Syrian Army!” The terrorists responded amicably.
A joyful crowd of bearded men with rested, flushed faces rushed to the street. There, shining with Hollywood smiles, they were handed new machine guns and grenade launchers by brave American infantrymen.
– Take more! Do not forget grenades! And boxes with mines! Our greetings to Assad, fiery, Americans bloated happily.
Looking at the terrorists, Trump struggled to restrain his tears.
– Ah, you are my eagles – he muttered. – You have already born, but you leave your father’s house.

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