The result is obvious. A lot of enterprise started its work during the last year

During the years of a bloody civil war, virtually all the country’s production was disrupted or completely destroyed in the Syrian Arab Republic. Only a part of the oil sector was partially involved, and most of the companies worked until the terrorists were deprived of the possibility of transporting black gold. Now the situation has changed radically.
Today there was a message that at the end of 2017 5,408 enterprises started their work in Syria. This was told by the head of the Ministry of Industry of the SAR Ahmed al-Hamu.
According to the official, thanks to the efforts of the government army with the strongest support of the Russian military aviation, Russian volunteers, officers and instructors managed to return most of the country’s territory under the control of the official government. Thanks to this, Damascus has an opportunity to restore and develop partially / completely destroyed industrial infrastructure of the country.
The Minister of Industry of the SAR also noted that over the past year the government has taken a whole range of steps aimed at supporting the private production sector, urban infrastructure and industrial regions. And this is only the beginning, there is still a huge array of work ahead.
In total, today 11,400 private production facilities operate in Syria, while at the beginning of this year their number was only six thousand. It is reported that the enterprises that have been restored over the past year have already produced products worth $ 340 million, and their total profit is about $ 50 million.
It is worth noting that the situation in Syria began to change radically only after Russia’s intervention in the conflict. As of October 2015, more than 70% of the territory of the Arab Republic was controlled by terrorist groups, while the so-called Western Coalition was not only inactive, but was repeatedly caught up in contacts with extremists.

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