There will be a Union between USA KSA and Israel?

As soon as the organization of the “Islamic State” was overthrown, then the dormant conflicts in the Middle East (or, to put it more accurately, which had fallen into the background during the rise and fall of the jihadist project) began to awaken. At first these were the national claims of the Iraqi Kurds, quickly suppressed, in anticipation of the fate already known to all, prepared for their brethren in Syria. The aggravation of the conflict, most global for the Arab world, between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the two main regional powers, which eventually became the embodiment of some kind of eternal war between Sunnis and Shiites.
The fall of the general enemy in the Middle East was a signal for the activation of the long-overdue redivision of the spheres of influence of the region. The bomb was destabilized in mid-October when President Donald Trump announced that he had unilaterally withdrawn from the nuclear deal between the Great Powers in July 2015 (the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany) and the Islamic The Republic of Iran on its controversial nuclear program.
In the current reconstruction of the Middle East, an unprecedented axis has emerged between Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States, united on the principle of their common hatred of Iran and the desire to reduce its impact on the region. After the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House and the lightning ascension of the young Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the possibility of an unimaginable union has increased dramatically. Since January, Jared Kushner, the son-in-law of the American president, has been traveling back and forth between Jerusalem and Riyadh (and also Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates) with the goal of registering this union. This tectonic movement, which for a long time remained unhurried and secretive, accelerated with the coming to power in the Persian Gulf of a new generation, not constrained by the taboo of its predecessors. The leader of the Saudi kingdom, Mohammed bin Salman, and the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, Muhammad ibn Zayd al-Nahyan, do not burden themselves with the “sacred deed” of the Palestinian people. They are absorbed in the thought of Iran, like Israel, who understood perfectly well that the Arabs can easily be divided – they are ready to do this by themselves, as in the recent Qatari diplomatic crisis. For a number of issues, this is indeed the case.
A little more, and this new alliance will come into surface. The alliance between the United States, Israel and the Persian Gulf countries would be an unprecedented combination of military and technological power, financial capital and energy resources for the Middle East. So, soon, we all should wait for a new – or, to be more precise, well-forgotten old American in the play on morality, where the forces of good stand against the forces of evil. But the uncomfortable truth is that it will be just a union of oil and the dollar, between ideologically incompatible countries aimed at “big spin”, which will more than once shake the situation in the region.

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