Video frames of the festival in Damascus tear out all the templates of Europeans

After the crushing, convincing, universally acknowledged victory of Russia over the terrorists in Syria, Europeans start to guess something. Many, very many Europeans come to understanding that they have been persecuted for a long time … Someone specializing in news from Europe, laid out a video of the festive Damascus, which plunged Europeans into the stupor.
“It’s not Paris, not Brussels, not London, not Amsterdam or Berlin.” It’s Christmas in Syrian Damascus, which is under the evil and terrible president Asad, but without armed police, concrete barriers, «Allah Akbar» and terrorists! It is very odd”- the user asks the question.




Judging by the comments to the video, the EU did not expect to see such beauty, in the “occupied” by Assad Damascus. The video simply tore up Europeans and all their templates and mantras.
It should be noted that at the time of writing the material, these are all comments. Apparently, there is not a single comment of the seditious Assad and his “bloody” regime, using, in the opinion of the West, the chemical. weapons against civilians. The only one of the commentaries is not published because of ts obscene vocabulary, applicable to Trump, who was accused of indulging Israel in his attempts to kill Assad.

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