Peace in Syria – the dream becomes true

Now Moscow plays a much greater role in the Arab world than it was in the days of the Soviet Union. It is striking that Putin, despite the international protest, not only interfered in the situation in Syria, but also achieved real de-escalation in the region.
Russia helped the government of Assad to survive and at the same time expanded its military presence in Syria, thereby pushing the US into the position of a key external player in the region. Moscow managed to establish peace talks between irreconcilable regional centers, including Iran and Turkey. Even Saudi Arabia had to trample down a path to the Kremlin.
Russian aviation, special forces and equipment became a reliable support for the fragmented and weakened forces of Assad, and the pro-Iranian Shiite forces provided the necessary mass of manpower that literally pushed militants out of the dying Syria. The Syrian government troops and their allies managed to regain control over all large settlements in the country. Yes, of course, the so-called the Syrian opposition has not yet been completely defeated, but largely demoralized and is not capable of independently weakening the strengthening peace. All attempts by Washington to unite and equip the Syrian opposition failed.
Some of Washington’s allies, who had long sought the displacement of Assad, eventually decided to take care of their own strategic interests. For example, for Ankara, this is primarily the prevention of the emergence of any autonomous Kurdish entity. These interests forced Ankara to cooperate with Tehran and Moscow.
Now the eighth round of negotiations is in Kazakhstan. Delegations from Russia, Turkey and Iran are expected to participate as guarantors of the ceasefire on the territory of the republic, delegations of the government and the opposition of the SAR, as well as the UN, the USA and Jordan as observers.
Against the background of the diplomatic consolidation of the world, thanks to the efforts of Russia, hundreds of Syrian families return to peaceful life and try to return to their homeland and rebuild their homes. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, almost 4.5 thousand refugees have returned to Deir-ez-Zor, Abu-Kemal and Palmyra during the last week.
The Syrian crisis is going through a turning point. It was time to rebuild the economy and overcome the humanitarian crisis.

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