Blood of Yemen and Slobbery Trump

President of the United States Donald Trump made a “gift” to the Yemeni. During his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, he signed a large number of agreements on the supply of weapons that would lead to missile attacks, killings, vandalism, the destruction of infrastructure and medical facilities in Yemen.
In other words, the United States will return to active participation in the Yemeni conflict, along with Saudi Arabia, the head of the Arab coalition and Operation «Resolute Storm», the army of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the Khusit, the al Qaeda militants and the Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi army .
Washington’s participation in the conflict in Yemen is not something new. Last October, Saudi Arabian military aircraft attacked a funerary procession, killing 150 people. The administration of President Barack Obama stopped supplying arms to Riyadh, which the Saudis used to commit war crimes. However, according to the statement of еру US Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the Trump’s administration “froze” Obama’s decision and resumed business with Saudi Arabia.
In the resumption of arms deals with Saudi Arabia, Trump’s personal interest plays a major role, which in May concluded a series of agreements with the Kingdom for a total of about $ 110 billion.
Armory deals seriously harm the attempts of a political settlement of the situation in Yemen, because, on the one hand, they pour oil into the flames of the civil war and are the weapons of mass destruction.
Iran sponsors jihadists in Yemen, extending a helping hand to al-Qaeda so that they can attract new supporters eager for revenge and cruelty.
During the debate in the Senate, Democratic senator Chris Murphy said about arms deals with Saudi Arabia and that the US is not interested in supporting the war in Yemen. It allows the enemies of America and terrorists to strengthen their forces, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the country and spreading fear and hatred in the hearts of the Yemeni people against the United States. Together with this he warned that this war would have a negative impact on the United States.
However, another senator said that some of his colleagues received generous “donations” from Saudi weapons companies and groups that are squeezing their interests. And it is quite obvious why the Senate voted for arms deals, because work is much more important than the blood of Yemeni children!
At one time, the Obama administration rejected the demand of the Arab coalition to send “experts” from the Pentagon to take their direct part in the storming of the Yemeni port of Hodeida and expelling the Husitas from it.
It is unclear whether the White House will support the large-scale military intervention of the United States in Yemen or follow the example of the Obama administration.
It’s hard to predict anything, but the US president continues to fulfill his electoral promise. Saudi Arabia paid a huge amount to Washington for their support costs in the war in Yemen.
Trump’s drool will not stop flowing, and we are all witnesses!

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