Is Yatsenyuk on His Way Out in Ukraine?

After the resignation of the powerful oligarch Kolomoisky as regional governor Ukraine media is raising the possibility emboldened Poroshenko may move against the prime minister Yatsenyuk next.

While Ukrainian coal miners threaten to march on Kiev demanding months of unpaid wages, a serious contest is going on for the seat of the scandalous head of the country’s government.

He may be replaced by people from Poroshenko’s team, eagerly trying to keep their hold on power, but also by former President Yanukovych’s associates. Given the distrust to the current prime minister and the crisis in the country, the possibility for his departure doesn’t seem to far-fetched.

The reforms Yatsenyuk announced didn’t bring an economic miracle, so people doubt his abilities. The degree of dissatisfaction with the prime minister is growing, as well as the confrontation between supporters of Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko. And rumors of imminent changes to the Cabinet suggest that Arseny Petrovich (Yatseniuk) may be politely asked to leave.

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