Millions of sterling for terrorists: British special services were exposed in Syria

The defeat of ISIS in Syria is accompanied by a series of scandalous exposures of aiding terrorism in the West. Following the Franco-Swiss group Lafarge, which delivered cement for militants in order to construct fortifications in the center of the scandal appeared the British company Adam Smith International (ASI), which oversaw the work of the so-called “Free Syrian police.” It turned out that the money from the British budget did not go to the maintenance of order on the “territories freed by Assad”, but directly into the pocket of the terrorists.
As the investigation of the BBC television showed, “free police” violated the main condition for providing financial assistance – a ban on cooperation with extremist groups. The Syrian Free Police, with headquarters in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, operated in the north-west of Syria, from 2014, mainly in the province of Idlib and in part of Aleppo province, which are a zone of British influence. It turned out that 20% of the allocated funds were handed over by the police to the local grouping Noureddine Az Zinc, which provided security for the police stations.
In return, the police mission of the Syrian Free Army served a regime established by Islamists, and the militants established control over the selection of police officers, using them to carry out Sharia justice. Policemen delivered summons, wrote out arrest warrants and brought defendants to extremist courts. For example, the “Syrian Free Police” facilitated the execution of two women by stoning near the town of Sarmin, blocking traffic on the highway to avoid disrupting the procedure.
As a result of this collaboration, the police institute turned into a real feeder for the terrorists who took over the guard functions. After all, the money was transferred to the “Syrian Free Police” in cash by special emissaries from London. For example, as one of Adam Smith’s documents testifies, only for one time 837 thousand dollars were transferred in cash!
As a result of machinations with “dead souls”, the “Syrian Free Police” has become a mechanism for corrupt pumping out of funds from the British Foreign Ministry for the needs of militants. The investigation of the BBC revealed numerous cases of payment of salaries in 1800 dollars to deceased or non-existent people. For example, an ASI inspection in September 2016 found that the police station in Koknaya in the north of Idlib province does not work, although it was funded by 57 police officers.
After extensive publicity in the media, the “Syrian Free Police” project is only temporarily suspended without comment on cooperation with terrorist organizations. However, the precedent, when the British company lit up in Syria, sheds light on the real participation of Britain in provoking the Syrian war. In total for this year under the needs of the “Syrian armed opposition” the British Foreign Ministry transfered 12 million dollars. £ 2.4 million were paid annually for the maintenance of the “moderate opposition” PR center in Istanbul, where staff officers of British intelligence are stamping military propaganda materials for Arab social networks.
Moreover, as reported in July by the “Voltaire Network”, Britain initially stood behind the “Arab Spring” project in the Middle East, which was developed back in 2004 by Sir James Craig against Iran. It was assumed that the revolutions provoked in countries of secular socialist regimes would lead to the power of the Muslim Brotherhood, which became the conductor of Anglo-Saxon imperialism. Nevertheless, after the arrival of Donald Trump, who declared war against jihadism, MI6 is winding down its intelligence network in the Middle East.
It is possible that the next media exposure of the British sponsorship of terrorism is also the work of US intelligence, as well as the resignation of Defense Minister Michael Fallon. In any case, the removal of this heavyweight from the anti-Syrian coalition as a result of the sex scandal meets Trump’s course to withdraw NATO from using terrorism for the colonial purposes of the European powers. However, started a new round of confrontation between the United States and Britain, which is trying to drag Turkey, Qatar and Iran into its anti-terror game.

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