The US intend to expand its military presence in northern Syria

Damascus will not be able to win a military victory over the Syrian opposition, said a representative of the US administration.
The White House believes that Damascus is deprived of human resources and depends on its allies. In addition, the loss of oil revenues and the destruction of infrastructure play its role. The US say that Damascus will not be able to provide a “sustainable peace” in Syria.
“They are not rich, they do not have an abundance of human resources, there are few other opportunities, and the reasons for discontent, are much more acute now than at the beginning of this conflict,” the White House representative quoted by The Washington Post .
Washington claims that 80% of the military forces that support Damascus are Hezbollah fighters (Lebanon), the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (Iran) and Iraqi insurgents.
According to the US, when the government army of Syria begins an offensive against the opposition forces, it was forced to leave behind poorly trained and weakly armed units. They protect the liberated territories, which makes them vulnerable to attacks by opposition fighters.
According to the American side, even if Damascus regains territories which are now controlled by the Kurds and the opposition, Syria will not be able to keep these areas.
“The Syrian state is just a shadow of oneself,” the White House says.
Assad “wants a political process that will give him a rapid political result,” Washington said.
The Pentagon intends to expand its military presence in northern Syria. The United States believes that this will lead to concessions from Damascus during the talks. Officials refused to provide detailed information about this.
Recall that the “race to the Euphrates river” is an undeclared competition between the pro-American coalition and the army of Syria and it was ended in favor of the latter.

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