A new island of ISIS: terrorists gather at the US military base

The military base of the coalition in At-Tanf can become a new bulwark of terrorism in Syria.
The Federal News Agency reports that the coalition led by the United States of America intends to create a new island of extremism in the Homs province.
We are talking about the military base “At-Tanf”, about which experts from the Institute of the Middle East wrote not so long ago. According to a study by representatives of this agency, the Er-Rukban refugee camp located in the base can become a new haven for terrorists: militants from all parts of Syria are flock here to form a “self-proclaimed caliphate” under US control.
Deputy Chairman of the Russian public organization “Society of Russian Historical Education” Two-headed Eagle “Leonid Reshetnikov in an interview with our correspondent said that such a theory is not meaningless. At-Tanf, in his opinion, has every chance to become a new bulwark of terrorism.
It was this basis where was the training of militants of the “Jaysh Magavir at-Taura” and “Brigade of Martyrs al-Abdo” groups and many other organizations representing the basis of the international “antiterrorist” coalition was conducted. Reshetnikov is confident that the remaining instructors will train Islamists with the aim of maximum disintegration of the state. The US intends to create a new alliance of armed pro-American groups that could plunge the country into chaos.
At the same time, using this stronghold, Western forces, according to Lieutenant-General, intend to spread a new terrorist organization to the entire Middle East. Taking into accout the truce concluded by the Kurds with ISIS, insurgents of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) may join the emerging quasi-state. And then under the leadership of the United States in Syria will be formed immediately two powerful strongholds of terrorism (one – in the north, the other – in the south).
Many Syrian military commissars repeatedly reported how the terrorists who were captured by the Kurds, soon found themselves in the ranks of the coalition. Taking into account the “heterogeneity” of the pro-American opposition forces, this alliance, which positions itself as the liberator of Syria, will not remain long. Soon the soldiers, who proudly flaunted the flags of Kurdish groups, will change into the colors of the “Islamic state”.

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