SAA repulsed the missile strike of Israel on the military positions near Damascus

On Saturday, appeared information that the Syrian air defense troops repulsed the missile strike of Israel on one of the military positions near Damascus. According to the state television of the Arab Republic, at night on December 2 from the side of the Jewish state, several surface -to-surface missiles were launched.
“The Israeli enemy at 00:30 today launched several surface-to-surface missiles in the direction of one of the military positions in the suburbs of Damascus. The air defense repulsed them and destroyed two targets, ” said the source.
It is also specifies that the result of the shelling was the material damage to the positions.
By the way, in October, Israeli Air Force fighters destroyed the battery of the air defense of the Syrian armed forces just 50 kilometers from Damascus. And in September, Israeli fighter-bombers struck three targets on facilities near the airport of the Syrian capital.

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