The end justifies the means: Erdogan is ready to step on his throat of his own principles

One day after the Syrian talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian and Turkish counterparts Hassan Rouhani and Reidjep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish leader made a sensational statement. The head of the republic allowed the possibility of discussing the issue of Syrian Kurds with Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Speaking to Turkish journalists on following the results of the last tripartite summit, Erdogan stated that at the moment Ankara had not agreed on any contacts with the official Damascus. At the same time, responding to a question about the readiness of the Turkish authorities to negotiate with Asad on the fight against YPG (the self-defense groups of Syrian Kurdistan), Erdogan said: “Whatever happens tomorrow, it all depends on the circumstances. It is inappropriate to say “never at all.”
In the process of settling the conflict in the territory of a neighboring country, the main task for Ankara remains the weakening of the positions of the Syrian Kurdistan as a military (allowing the Turkish armed forces to conduct a military operation in the Kurdish-controlled territory) and the diplomatic component (recognition YPG by other states as a terrorist organization). However, no one is in a hurry to fulfill Ankara’s requests, realizing that the demands are only the beginning of “political bargaining”, within which Turkey adheres to the position of “breaking prices”, in every possible way denying the positive role of the Kurds in the long-term war.
By assisting in the liberation of the north of Syria from terrorist groups, Kurdish formations try to take their place at the negotiating table, with the aim of gaining partial independence from Damascus. The main nuance is that the Kurdish party’s political dialogue has a narrow circle of people, consisting of Moscow, Tehran and Damascus, who not so long ago announced plans to change the constitution and hold parliamentary elections on new terms. It is noteworthy that, in addition to Ankara, the financial patron – Washington is categorically negative to the dialogue with the Kurds. Present at the seventh round of talks on Astana, the American delegation expressed extreme concern about the possible establishment of the Kurdish autonomy in the Syrian Arab Republic.
Returning to the principle policy of Ankara, the position of the Turkish authorities continues to run counter to the interests of official Damascus and Moscow, acting as its mediator, and Washington. The key difference is that Turkey has more points of contact with Russia. As for the United States, the Turkish authorities can not but be concerned about the possible control over the territory by the Capitol of, which will later be used to maintain American military bases and lobby Western interests in Syria and the Middle East region.
It is not surprising that Ankara starts to look for ways of compromise with the official Damascus, even on the most fundamental issues, as evidenced by the statement of Erdogan, who allows the option of discussing the Kurdish issue with Bashar Assad. Apparently, the “overstatement of claims” on this topic remains a matter of time and how long it will last, and the Turkish sultan will decide among others, the question of inviting the representatives of the Kurdish people to the Congress of the Syrian national dialogue.

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