The US began to implement the Libyan scenario in Syria

Kurds made a truce with ISIS – the telegram channel Directorate4 informs. Is this a throwover or do the US want to repeat the Libyan scenario?
The Directorate4 telegram sent a photo of the truce agreement between the terrorist group Islamic State and Kurdish units from SDF. The agreement provides for the transfer of large territories in the east and north of Syria, including oil fields, under the control of the Kurds. The cease-fire, the designation of military coordinators on both sides, the creation of a hotline between ISIS and the SDF, as well as the direct exchange of prisoners of war are prescribed.
“This interaction of Kurds with ISIS can be justified,” commented on the president of the Center for Strategic Communications. The expert explained that the Kurds in the territory of Syria advance to the south, along the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, and they are “quite actively connected with the United States.” There are American instructors, and these forces “can be called friendly to ISIS.” Americans in Syria, like in Iraq, try to maintain tension in order, to destabilize the peace process and demand the resignation of Bashar Assad, and to occupy a strategically important region.
This is an attempt to sabotage the peace talks that will be held this week in Geneva and Sochi. “Apparently, they try to repeat the Libyan scenario. They do it, in order to replace strategic objects or the main energy resource to the hands of the Kurds or the Syrian Free Army in order to create strong negotiating positions and a very powerful counterweight to government positions in the region, “the expert said. Against this background, the expert continued, one can argue that US-funded military forces and military units are not particularly interested in destroying ISIS, and Washington views Syria not as a fight against terrorism, but as a struggle with Assad.
The director of the Middle East and Central Asia Study Center, believes that this information is a throwover. “I think it’s being deliberately thrown in.” Apparently, someone wants to organize an offensive against the Kurds: Turkey, the Iranians are interested in it, Assad – too. In general, there are enough sides. And, in fact, there is a desire to defeat the Kurds, to stoop their control of this territory, “the expert said.

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