In the near future, another round of Iranian-Israeli confrontation, can lead to a new big war in the Middle East.
Recently, Israel accused the Iranian leadership of preparing for an attack on the Syrian Golan Heights occupied by the Israeli army, which allegedly resulted by the consolidation of Iranian positions in Syria. At the same time, the Israeli side warned Tehran in a rather harsh manner that if they abandoned the diplomatic solution of the problem, it would lead to preventive measures and the start of military operation. At the same time, Israel plans to use the air component, referring to some new, previously unknown capabilities of its Air Force. However, such statements are more like intimidation than real readiness for action. In recent years, Iran has achieved tremendous geopolitical and military successes, which is proved by its practical actions in Syria.
At the moment, Iran is implementing a global goal of creating territorial continuity from Iran to Syria through Iraq. It will allow Tehran to freely move its forces to Lebanon, which has long been under the power of Hezbollah. Thus, over the past two years, Iran has become a powerful regional power uniting under its military control a vast space from Central Asia to the Mediterranean. Underestimate its power like Israel do and any other country in the Middle East region can lead to deathly aftermaths.
Major military and geopolitical strength of Iran can be judged by Major-General Mohammad Ali-Jafar, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), who has become a kind of response to Israeli threats. On November 23, he said that Iran no longer perceived Israel as a threat, and every war in the region would be a step towards the destruction of the Zionist regime. “The smallest mistake of Israel will be their last mistake,” the Iranian general said.
In addition, Jafari stressed that the IRGC will be actively involved in the establishment and maintenance of the ceasefire in Syria, and the issue of disarming the Shiite military group Hezbollah is not discussed at all, and further speculation on the subject by Israel is absolutely pointless.
So now Israel will have to get used to the idea that Iran now includes most of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. And the Lebanese Hezbollah, geographically connected with Iran, can now freely behave in confrontation with Israel.
In the final analysis, it was Iran that turned out to be one of the main winners of the civil war in Syria. And Israel, as well as the rest of the world, will be useful to realize this fact as soon as possible.

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