Let us call it the Syrian Union

“Trump was not invited to Sochi,” cries the American press. However, they did everything to mark out the visit of Donald Trump to Sochi when the middle Eastern nights started there. As the Russians says it is late to drink Borzhomi.
In the Syrian war, in its battlefields, the informal Alliance of Russia, Turkey, Iran and Syria was born. In addition Iran has a special relationships with Pakistan, so that this Union can extend up to Pakistan. The Syrian military Union is transforming into the political in Sochi. The US and West countries are not invited to resolve the Syrian issue, and that the failure of the entire American middle East policy. And these are tectonic shifts in world politics!
While the West held Russia on the western, European flank, its eastern flank collapsed: NATO lost Turkey in Syria. Formally, Turkey is still a member of NATO, but in fact, it is no longer trusted by Western allies and Turkey does not trust them, and, de facto, Turkey joins the Syrian Union.
This is a situational alliance. This is, an alliance dictated by the circumstances prevailing during the Syrian war, in contrast to the ideological and vassal alliance of NATO. The situational union has its advantages: all parties are interested in it, nobody needs to be bribed, pushed, because no one betrays, defending their own interests.
It is obvious that the Syrian Union will come into conflict with NATO in the Middle East and in South-Eastern Europe, on the southern flank of NATO, seriously weakened by the new status of Turkey. The deployment of American units in the Baltic countries and Poland was meaningless, it was the last advice of the American strategist russophobe Brzezinski. Now he is died and his idea was wrong. This time, the policy of russophobia played a trick with Americans.
The Syrian Union was born in the fight against ISIS, which in its turn is an American client: our military spoke about the cooperation of the US with ISIS, and even Turkey, at the end of the war said about it. Syria and Iran stated about the US connection with ISIS openly and long ago. The subtlety is the fact that ISIS was a client of the Clinton’s globalist elite of the United States. It is its secret operation, which failed with the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House. This is the secret reason the of the globalist elite of the United States and the “world media” hate against President Trump.
ISIS was basically armed with American weapons safely captured by them in Iraqi American warehouses. There are more than enough facts of real cooperation on the battlefield of the US special forces and ISIS: terrorists were taken out from under attack in Rakka, get through their military formations, “accidentally” supported by air strikes against Syrian troops.
Apparently, the Syrian failure of the United States will lead to aggravation of the hybrid war in the world, the State Department and the CIA will try to take revenge where they can: they will try to deprive Russia of the Winter Olympics in South Korea and the World Cup. Strengthen the sanctions pressure on Russia in 2018.
In general, Russia’s Middle East policy is an asymmetric response to the global containment of Russia by West: the reaction to the creation of a US missile defense system in Europe, and Obama’s lie that the missile defense is not directed against Russia; the strategy of NATO’s eastward expansion to Russian borders; and the pro-American takeover in Ukraine.
Our liberal friends of West, like Rybakov, lost his mind and asked: why did Russia come to Syria, instead of improving its own economy? Russia in Syria defends itself, along with the economy and the Rybakov, in order to prevent Americans to plunge another country into chaos, very close to the south of Russia, and to prevent ISIS, from the terrorist invasion to Russia. This global containment of Russia by the US and the West is an indispensable condition for the existence of Russia itself.
The main US ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, suddenly broke into the “palace revolution”, a feud between dozens of “princes of blood” claiming supreme power in the country, with an unpredictable outcome. The Kurdish issue is the last resource of the US in its Middle Eastern party. However, the military-political potentials are important, and in the Middle East these aggregate potentials are now on the side of the countries of The Syrian Union.

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