The situation in Syria

Kurds redeploy troops from Rakka to Aleppo. It is reported with reference to Syrian sources.
The formation of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) return to Aleppo after the completion of the military operation to capture the city of Rakka. Military experts believe that the Kurdish units hastily leave the city due to the escalating confrontation with the Syrian Free Army (SFA) in Aleppo. Recall, the areas of Rakka are still not safe for the lives of civilians, earlier today information was received about four civilians who were killed in the explosion of a mine laid by terrorists.
In the north of the Homs province, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) made mutual artillery strikes with the radicals of “Djebhat An-Nusra” near the village of Al-Hula. Information about the losses of the parties has not been received yet.
Government troops in the vicinity of Mejadin, under the cover of Russian aviation, launched an assault on the city of Al-Qurayya, which is located near the highway Deir ez Zor – Abu Kemal. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) meanwhile continue to clash with ISIS militants for control of the Al-Buseir settlement. Part of the city is already occupied by the Kurds.
In the province of Khama, the confrontation between the fighters of the anti-government coalition “Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham” and the terrorists of ISIS who went underground was resumed. According to the sources controlled by the armed opposition, the militants managed to find and liquidate several ISIS fighters in the villages of Anik, Tuta and Hajil. During the attack, the radicals of “Jabhat Fatah ash-Sham” resorted to the use suicide bombers on mined cars.
In the Khasaka province, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the People’s Self-Defense Forces (YPG) have intensified their military operations against ISIS. The “democratic army” captured the Al-Kusharia settlement, located to the southeast of the city of Markada. Local activists say that the terrorists voluntarily left their positions. Many military experts are confident in the existence of a secret agreement between ISIS and the United States on the distribution of control over the territories of Eastern Syria.

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