Strikes against Abu Kemal

There was a “Caliber” strike from the submarine of the Black Sea Fleet “Veliky Novgorod” on the military targets of the Caliphate in the east of the province of Deir ez Zor in the direction of Abu Kemal, which is the last major strategic city (not counting a few blocks in the surrounded Deir ez Zor ), which is still held by the troops of the Caliphate. The caliber attacks seem to foreshadow the build-up of offensive efforts by the SAA and its allies along the Euphrates towards Abu Kemal in the next couple of weeks, in order to full resolvation the issue of border control with Iraq to the south of the Euphrates within the next two months.
The militants have nowhere to step out, so at least a few more weeks will be required for a sweep.
Along with the offensive operations along the Euphrates and the storming of the residential districts of Deir ez Zor (in the last 2 days a significant percentage of the city in the area of the stadium has been liberated), the SAA and the Iranian “proxy” continue their attempts to advance in the T-2 area towards Abu Kemal. The strategic task here remains unchanged – it is necessary to take control of the border with Iraq. To a large extent this task has already been solved or will be resolved in the coming months. There remains a hole through the province of Hasaka, but there is still an agreement between the Kurds, the United States and Iraq, according to which the control over the transition will be joint and the Iraqi military already appeared in the transition area. The US were forced to do so in order to maintain cross-border traffic. While the elimination of the consequences of the Kurdish is in progress, the control of Iraq (and hence of Iran) over the border will be increased. It is also worth noting that more than 7,000 Yezidi militias have already joined the Iraqi army, which makes the alignment even more unfavorable for the Kurds.
At the same time, the SDF at this stage has already significantly overtaken the SAA by moving on the other side of the Euphrates, taking advantage of the fact that the militants have only a screen of light infantry, and it is not the fact that it exerts significant resistance, because of the experience of previous agreements related to attempts to quiet transfer of Koniko plant from ISIS to Kurds.

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