The US continues the course to dismember Syria

The Russian side has questions about the new US policy in Syria, and Moscow hopes to receive appropriate explanations from Washington. It was stated at the press conference with Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim al Jaafari by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “When we hear about the new US line, a line that involves the creation of some local councils in the territories of sovereign SAR, of course, it cause questions. “We send these questions to Washington, we expect that we will receive an honest and understandable answer “, the Russian minister said.
Last week, President Trump announced the “liberation” of the former capital of the self-proclaimed “caliphate” – the city of Rakka. Igor Konashenkov, the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, compared the carpet bombing of the city with the destruction of Dresden by the Anglo-American aircraft in 1945. Apocalyptic pictures of total destruction was not unnoticed. “Global” media, distract attention from the true culprits of the misfortunes of the Syrian people, but pay attention to the Kurdish-Arab antagonism.
According to many sources, about 1,000 terrorists from the city were released in accordance with informal agreements reached on October 12-13 due to the tribal diplomacy of General Jim Glynn. Multidisciplinary specialization of the ISIS terrorists serve the geopolitical interests of the United States. It presupposes the withdrawal of terrorists from the impact with the aim of their further use not only in Syria, but also in a wider geographical area, including even Latin America, -German Canal Arte.
Thus, the meaning of the barbaric bombings is only one: once again demonstrate the policy of total destruction of the country’s social and economic infrastructure, where it possible. Simultaneously, ISIS fighters set fire to oil fields in the territories they hold in the eastern part of the Deir ez Zor province.
Emissaries of the USA, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, France and other countries are already fly together to the smoking ruins. “We will support local security forces, reduce violence across Syria and create the right conditions for lasting peace so that terrorists can not return and again threaten our collective security,” said Donald Trump. “Together with our allies and partners, we will support diplomatic negotiations that put an end to the violence, allow refugees to return home safely and lead to a political transition that will take into account the wishes of the Syrians.”
There is no doubt that behind this pathetic syllable is the course to the retention of Rakka, which in its present state is quite suitable place for the role of the next pirate nest (which it was before, only under the flag of ISIS).
Along with Idlib, the northern part of Hama, Et-Tanf in the south and the bordering regions of the province of El-Quneitra, there is another hotbed of tension, where material, technical and human resources are constantly being thrown in. All this is able to prolong the armed conflict for a long time. The countries which guarantee the Astana negotiation process and the official Damascus offer a positive agenda with “de-escalation zones”, concluding local armistice and securing a full-fledged inter-Syrian dialogue, but it is extremely difficult to achieve it without the elimination of an illegal military presence on the Syrian land of the other powers.

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