American mercenaries blew up the crowd of refugees in Syria: there are nearly 200 victims

On the border of the Syrian provinces of Deir-ez-Zor and Al-Hasakah there was a huge terrorist attack. Suicide bombers blew up three stuffed with explosives cars right into the crowd of refugees. The attack was planned specifically in order to strike children, women and the elderly. Responsibility for explosions was assumed by “Islamic state”.
The victims – dead and wounded have at least 180 people. Such a figure named in the medical Department of the province of Hasakah.
The attack was around 8 PM in the largest refugee camp, 85 kilometers South to the city of Hasakah. Two pickups with a small interval of time were able to drive up close to the queue of hundreds of people who fled there from the war, and the suicide bombers blew up cars Packed with explosives.
The third bomb was brought by another terrorist and detonated right in the crowd when people were recovering from the shock and began to help the wounded. “The fragment we got from the baby who was only a year and a half, – said the chief doctor of the hospital in Al-Hasakah Umar Yakub. – Another wound in the head. Any predictions, I could not give. She was in intensive care, doctors worked”.
Two hospitals in the city of Hasakah were unable to take all the wounded. There were so many of them. The victims were brought to the Central hospital of the city of Qamishli. And again there are a lot of children. Doctors take them firstly on their hands. Then rolling with adults. It was the third batch of victims, and the fourth is expected. All the staff, surgeons and emergency physicians were called up to the hospitals.
“We left the city of Maday because of terrorists from the “Islamic state”, here in the camp, said one of the refugees. We breath, and thought that it was safe there. But they found us there. They mocked us for three years. Forced to become like them. And now, just killed”.
Abu Samir lost his wife. Brother and son were injured.

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