Lured and ready to be used

Foreign special services complete the preparation of Islamic thugs and in the near future plan the redeployment of jihadists to the northeast of Syria
The forces of the international coalition, led by the United States, deploy large-scale activities to train militants in Syria. The military bases of the United States, located on both sides of the Syrian-Jordanian border near the settlements of Tanfan (Syria) and Sib (Jordan), are actively used for this purpose.


According to the military source, about two thousand fighters are currently training at two bases. The distance between the two settlements does not exceed 40-50 km, and if necessary, the combat groups freely cross the Syrian-Jordanian border, using the control of the Americans of over the 55-kilometer de-escalation zone.
It is expected that by November 1 the squads of Islamic thugs, trained by the Western special services, will be fully ready to combat actions. For this purpose, the instructional personnel of military bases are strengthened by a hundred American, Norwegian and Jordanian specialists. Up to 500 future jihadists are involved in daily firearms and tactical training.
In addition, the US and Jordanian intelligence agencies carefully consider the options for using Islamic cerberus. The day before there was a meeting with the field commanders of “Usud al-Sharqiya” (“Eastern Lions”), “Ahmad Abdu”, “Killed El Qarjatein”, “Partisans of the Revolution” at the US base in Jordan’s Es-Sib. Foreign agents also discussed variants of routes for the redeployment of militant units to the northeast of Syria.
Here is another outpost of Washington, and at the same time the headquarters of the “New Syrian Army.” As reported by the media, this is the same US project that provides the creation of a separate group to fight the Syrian authorities, as well as all those who support the official Damascus.
There are American-made weapons, as well as some NATO member countries, large-caliber ammunition (30 mm, 14.5 mm, 12.7 mm), anti-tank guided missiles and shells for MLRS imported from the territory of Jordan, in the arsenal of militants.
At the same time, not all those who arrived at the base of the international coalition in Et-Tanf express a desire to participate in military operations against the troops of Bashar Assad. The number of volunteers increased after it became known about the facts of the arms trade between the US military and Islamist radicals.
According to a military source, the militants refuse to take part in the fighting in the northeast of Syria and try by all possible ways to leave the 55-kilometer de-escalation zone. After all, this is the only way to put an end to terrorist activities, not counting our own the way of doom.

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