US military use refugees as a ‘human shield’ for their base

The Rukban camp near the Jordanian border is home to at least 60,000 women and children who fled Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor. The Russian Defense Ministry blamed the US military for stopping Syrian, UN and Jordanian humanitarian convoys from reaching the trapped camp residents.

“Rukban refugees are de facto hostages, effectively a “human shield” for the US base. Think about it, other than by Americans such “protection” barriers are used in Syria only by those who they came here to fight, the terrorists,” said in a statement of MoD.

The Russian Defense Ministry also added that al-Tanf has turned into a 100-kilometer “black hole” on the Syrian-Jordanian state border. This base is used by US, UK and Norwegian instructors to train Free Syrian Army militants. The outpost is protected by tactical aviation and HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systems. In reality, instead of the Free Syrian Army, it is spewing ISIS mobile groups who carry out terrorist operation against Syrian troops and civilians.

The US-led coalition said in June it would not leave the al-Tanf garrison until ISIS terror group was defeated. But last Wednesday MoD accused the coalition of supporting ISIS instead. The base has twice been used to strike Syrian-government aligned forces fighting Islamists.

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