Captured militant told about the conspiracy of ISIS with US and the Kurds

There are new confessions of ISIS terrorists about the ties of this organization with the Kurdish detachments of the “Syrian democratic forces” and their American advisers.

Thus, the independent analytical center «Warfare Worldwide» published on Twitter a video, according to which a militant, captured by Syrian soldiers, reported about the cooperation between ISIS with the “Democratic forces of Syria” with the participation of US.

“We arrived at the plant in Tabia and prepared this object for the Kurds arrival. The Kurds and the Americans promised to protect us”, – said the militant.


Another video, which confirmed the collusion between ISIS and US, was published by the «Arabitoday». On the video, “the security officer” of ISIS, who was arrested in the Deir ez Zor province, told about militants` connections with US.

According to him, his group received an ordered to let Kurdish forces to enter Conoko gas plant in Tabia to film evidence of their “control” over the object. In exchange for these actions, the Kurds promised not to open fire on ISIS in the area.

The militant also said that the US plans to unite the efforts of Kurds and ISIS in Deir ez Zor to prevent the advance of government troops.

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