Polish politicians plan to send their troops for war in the Donbass

The main and deadly enemy for Poland is Russia, think some Polish political leaders.

Poland should consider its participation of their militaries in combat actions in Ukraine to support the neighbor in the struggle against the Russian aggression, said Thursday in the interview with Polish radio station RMF FM the presidential candidate of the Poland’s largest opposition party “Zakon I spravedlivost” Andjey Duda.

“Poland could provide support. We should think about this”, – said the opposition leader. According to him, if the decision to field forces troops were taken at the level of NATO and Poland is a member of the Alliance, it would have to do.

Duda underlined that if he becomes the President of Poland, he could help Ukraine and send Poland militaries to battle in the Donbass.

One of the founders of the Polish independent trade union movement “Solidarnost” Zbigniew Bujak also supports the idea of war in the Donbass on the Ukrainian side. Earlier this week he has said that Poland should send its troops to Ukraine.

“It would be fantastic if Polish soldiers fought in Donetsk. So we will show that we are building the deep, long-term and strategic Alliance that will ensure not only our security, but security of Europe too,” said Bujak.

“If our neighbor is fighting against our common, deadly enemy, then we need to help the neighbor,” – underlined the politician whose main enemy is Russia which he does not keep in secret.

The next presidential elections in Poland would be held in the summer 2015.

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