The U.S. advisors have destroyed their base and run away

One of the key American military bases located in the South-Western desert of Syria, was destroyed during the withdrawal of the  U.S. forces and fighters of the “New Syrian army” supported by the American coalition.

We talk about the base of Zakaf, which was established at the beginning of 2017, in the South-East of Homs near the Iraqi border.

The base was the auxiliary garrison of the coalition near the main base of Al-Tanf, located to the West of it. Here, the coalition trained mercenaries of the “New Syrian army” (NSA), and controlled their operations in the South-West of Syria.

According to reports, neither the United States nor the militants of NSA no longer plan to use Zakaf. Besides, in the process of eliminating from the base the coalition also decided to destroy it in order to prevent the use of the garrison of any other armed organization.

The official reason for the withdrawal of American troops and members of the NSA was not announced, but, apparently, it was connected with the recent agreement between the US, Russia and Jordan, which, ultimately, would lead to the complete withdrawal of coalition forces from southern Syria and, theoretically, to get under control of the Syrian Arab Army this areas in the region.

Earlier it was reported that after talks with the Russian military, the fighters of the US are ready to hand over the part of the border with Jordan.

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