The battle for the Euphrates: the Americans are cut off from Syrian oil


Syrian government forces backed by Russian Aerospace forces crossed the Euphrates, seized a bridgehead on the East Bank of the river and started to unblock Deir ez-Zor. They started to sweep the outskirts of the city, partly held by terrorists. Rush across the Euphrates was preceded by the cruise missiles strike. The missiles were launched from the patrol ship of the black sea fleet “Admiral Essen”, as well as a heavy flamethrower system “Solntsepek” and MLRS “Uragan”.

The Syrians themselves called Deir ez-Zor as “Pearl of the desert”, and now “the Syrian Leningrad”. A city with a prewar population of a quarter of a million inhabitants located in the vicinity of the oil fields, making it not only a tasty morsel for terrorists of ISIS, but for the US-backed anti-government formations.

The fighting around the city began in 2012. In April 2014 squads of ISIS militants blocked the highway Damascus – Palmyra – Deir ez-Zor, and cut the city off from supplies of water, fuel, food. Since then, the city is under siege. To complete get under control by ISIS terrorists Deir ez-Zor was saved by the nearby air base, the personnel of which has remained faithful to the legitimate Syrian government. Through this air base the city, Syrian military and militias defending the city were supplied.

On 5 September the Russian Aerospace forces made a strike on  the militants and paved the corridor to supply the city. Cleaning the city from terrorists  by the government troops and the release of the air base will allow Damascus to return the city under its control and to inflict a crushing strike on ISIS.


Not less important is the fact that with the crossing of the Euphrates, the beginning of the Deir ez-Zor liberation can already be regarded as a strategic defeat for the US in the war against Syria who made a lot of effort to dismember Syria and to retain the oil fields, located near the city.

Instead of focus on the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS militants, the Americans have created in the North-East of Syria, where the territory controlled by the Kurdish rebels, anarchists from the group YPG, 12 military bases. According to the announced plans by the representative of the international coalition against ISIS Ryan Dylan, the armed forces of the “Democratic forces of Syria” (SDF) had to move along the Euphrates from Raqqa to the East, forcing the terrorists to the border town of Abu Kamal, but without affecting Deir-ez-Zor as “the battlefield is already full”. But after the assault, the SAA units crossed the Euphrates and seized the bridgehead on the left Bank the SDF troops had taken “inconsistent” breakthrough to Deir ez-Zor, at the same time ceasing clashes with ISIS.

With the throw on Jafra the Syrians cut off the terrorist supply routes from Madina and created a clipping base for the cleaning of Deir ez-Zor from the South. Damascus said it was ready to consider the SDF as opponents of the restoration of the constitutional order and to fight with them by military means. Ankara reacted strongly to the actions of the Kurds. For Turkey, which is conduct in the North of Syria operation called “shield of the Euphrates,” the river is the border of distribution of Kurdish influence on the Syrian-Turkish border.

decided to convert the victory of Kurds over the ISIS in the bitten off chunks of the territories of Syrian Kurdistan, where there is a place for Americans.

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