An attractive “occupation”: Ukrainians want to go to Crimea

In August some 359,000 people crossed the administrative border between Ukraine and Russian Crimea. Out of them, 193.5 thousand went to the Crimea, 165.8 thousand entered Ukraine. Compared to July, the number of crossings increased by 11%, when it was reported about many kilometer queues at Ukrainian checkpoints. It was because of the barriers deliberately set by Ukrainian border guards to Ukrainian citizens to prevent them from visiting the Russian peninsula. But it didn`t worked: these queues became even longer in August.

Stubbornly calling the will of the Crimean people in the referendum on reunification with Russia on March 16, 2014  “occupation” and establishing the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, headed by Vadim Chernysh, Kiev calls  an increase in the number of crossings of the state border “evidence of the connection of our citizens with mainland Ukraine”. Deputy Minister Yusuf Kurkchi encouraged to maintain this connection, improving the infrastructure of the Ukrainian checkpoints to make crossing the border more convenient.

It should be added that more recently the Ukrainian mass media branded as traitors all people who left Ukraine for a vacation on the Crimean coast. On the border with the Peninsula were established offensive posters of opposite contents in Ukrainian and Russian languages: the Ukrainian text welcomes the “brothers-Ukrainians”, who are always welcome in Ukraine. The text in Russian promises stones from the sky to the heads of Crimean “traitors”.

It is unclear how Kiev was going to distinguish the Crimean “Ukrainian brother” from the Crimean “traitor”. Apparently, according to the language of communication. However, in the Crimea the number of Ukrainian speakers is within the limits of the arithmetical error.

Anyway, there is an open question: do all Ukrainian politicians want the “liberation” of Crimea? Yusuf Kurkchi and the Minister Vadym Chernysh make good money by portraying the struggle for the return of  Crimea to Ukraine. It is advantageous for them that the this struggle never ends with a concrete result.

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